Parents and Families – PURPOSE

Strengthening Tennessee Families
is a proven cost-effective strategy to promote healthy families, engage parents in leadership roles, assist child development and prevent child abuse and neglect. Strengthening Families brings together early childhood professionals and educators, parents, child welfare and human service agencies and other professionals who care about Tennessee’s families.
Together these individuals and groups are showing that small but significant changes in everyday work have the power to mobilize extraordinary resources to strengthen families.
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Research is showing that five Protective Factors are crucial to keep families happy, healthy and resilient:
  1.  Build parental resiliency by helping parents learn to be strong yet flexible during times of stress.
  2.  Develop stronger social connections with people who will support your parenting technique or skill.
  3.  Learn more about child development & new parenting skills.
  4.  Receive clear and helpful support in time of need including access to necessary services, such as mental health.
  5. Children have healthy social and emotional development—they feel loved, a sense of belonging and can get along with others.